Financial Landscaper?

Life isn’t about how much money you have in your bank account. It’s about the moments of happiness you create. Reality is that typically many of those moments of happiness have some type of financial impact. It’s time to have a different talk about money. It’s time to stop living for a paycheck and living again. Wealth¬†management is about prioritizing your goals to give you & your family happiness and figuring out the financial impact of making that happen.


I’m sure you’re asking yourself,

“What is a Financial Landscaper?”

Great question.

A Financial Landscaper starts with the foundations of planning, no matter what the age, socio-economic status, or previous financial experience of the individual or family. The Financial Landscaper builds a plan from the foundations, making sure to educate on what are the weeds that are going to take away from the client’s beautiful garden and find creative ways to get the entire family involved in sewing seeds of growth for the future, no matter the age.


Just think of a large, well manicured front yard. It’s a balance of long, short, fluctuating, and cycling growth periods. Trees are long term, perennial flowers cycle annually, and some flowers are just for one season. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Retirement is a long term goal, while education goals are for one (big) season, and vacations happen annually (if you have any say in it). Your financial future should be working in harmony with each other.

Financial Landscaper is a good resource for:

1) Focusing a family on what’s important: Being happy.

2) Organizing finances

3) Planning vacations, holidays, and emergencies

4) Defusing a stressful financial situation (Unfortunately, I’m not a hostage negotiator)

5) And much more, just ask!

Check out the site to understand more about Financial Landscaping and don’t hesitate to contact me with questions!

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