Financial Inspiration Friday


Now that half a year has gone by (CrAZy) think about what has changed. Do you feel like your on top of a mountain or down in a valley. Either way, make sure to prepare. Learn from the what got you down in the valley. If you’re on top of a mountain make sure to have a plan in place so you don’t fall all the way to the valley.

How is your financially fit life going this year so far? I’d love to hear an update!

Financial Inspiration Friday


As you tell your friends about your goals and dreams and how you’re getting there, remind the not to compare your progress with theirs if they’re just beginning the journey. Let them know and understand your journey with its pitfalls and successes, but make sure they know only compare their own journey with their own progress. It’s not fair to compare the progress of a novice runner with a runner that has been training for a marathon for months.

Have a wonderfully productive weekend!

Financial Inspiration Friday


No matter how hard the journey gets, it’s just going to help you become stronger and makes the goal even more worth it in the end. You’re working hard at it so the reward is going to be even more sweet. Just when the caterpillar thinks its all over, poof he turns into a butterfly. So don’t forget that in the hardest moments of the journey your goal is right around e corner waiting for you.

Have a great weekend!